Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wedding Dress Shopping

I know, I know, I've been a terrible blogger.  But, now I have more exciting things to post about!  One of my lovely bridesmaids took me wedding dress shopping, and I thought I'd share some of the dresses I tried on.  Now, my fiance reads this blog so I can't post about what kind of dresses I like (I don't want to spoil the style of dress I'm thinking about), but I can definitely post about the not so pretty dresses.  I really wish I had taken photos, but I don't think you can do that? 

I know a lot of girls were excited about the Twilight wedding dress, and have even been faking engagements to try it on.  I haven't seen Breaking Dawn Part 1, bu I decided to try on the infamous dress for kicks, mostly. 

If you are short, small in the bust, and require a bra, this dress will NOT work for you.  It was the only dress I looked absolutely atrocious in.  Really girls, Kristen Stewart has a very special figure for this dress that 99% of the population does not have.  Don't do it!

I was really, really excited to try on some of the Disney Princess wedding dresses by Alfred Angelo.  The bridal shop we went to only had the Cinderella and Snow White dresses, so I tried on both.

Here is Cinderella's dress.  I tried this on, and it is really quite lovely and sparkly, but for my wedding I want something a little bit different. 

Here is Snow White's.  It's very cute and whimsical aka not my style at all.

I really wish they had the Ariel, Belle, or Sleeping Beauty dresses, because I would have loved to try them on.

I ended up painting my nails "Yodel Me On My Cell" by OPI the night before I tried on dresses.  Now, originally I was going to paint my nails a stereotypical light pink for my wedding.  Now I'm not so sure, the nail color really popped against the white dresses.  Maybe I should consider a bright pink instead of subtle?

Now on to something that horrified me a little bit.  I was looking at garters, and I noticed that there was a huge selection with "Prom 2012" and "Grad 2012" written on a ribbon in rhinestones.  Now, garters are really pretty, and really I have no idea what color or style I'm going to choose for my wedding.  However, is it really necessary for 17 year old girls to be wearing a garter to their prom?  It's just asking for trouble, really.